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Man, can't wait for this, sounds really cool!! It's only gonna cost 8 dollars? I would pay 20 or more for what your musics worth. I swear I'm gonna rush on iTunes store when it comes out, you've got my word!!

and my axe

you still look like a hunter!

DO you have an idea of when it's coming out? smallest clue?

lol nope sorry, i still work like a beaver on it but my real life is sucking me in and tries to pull me away from it

Keep fighting man! Your music IS your life (and ours lol)

These are just simple ideas, but I was just thinking of what your music sounds like, and of what it makes me think of, and so I thought of these:
"The Fugitives"
"I don't Belong Here"
"Creating Chaos"
"Surviving your hate"
"Never-ending Chaos"
"Creating this world"
... that kinda stuff... I dunno it's just what it makes me think of... you decide anyway right?

those are good ones, maybe i can mix them together somehow

Who made this new Cover? Is that you walking?

mix 'em together huh? Something like: "The fugitives that don't belong here, because they're creating chaos, while we try to survive they're hate in this never-ending chaos, we are creating this world"
something like that? =P

The name of this album should be:
The Musical Radiance Project
A Projection of the Future
just two for now I might have more later :)

How about "Stepping outside" ? It displays a way to break through genres and known structures and experimenting with music and blah damn I lost track....

You know, if you name your album /b/, I'm sure it would boost sales

holy shit why didnt i think of that, well but the /mu/ section would be a bit better i guess

Yo Zajed.
Remember the cred I gave you on :Z: Believe?
I put it in mah game :)
Anyway, I was wondering, because I'm making number 2 so it could be cool if you can suggest a good song for a mouse avoider game, it could be pretty nice. Thanks in advance.

Album suggestions:
The Beauty of Music sounds good :)

Yo Zajed, how's the album coming along?

I miss your hip hop :[

I'm your biggest fan.

a trail of creation in the wake

i really like the songs that are going to be on ur album as for the title i really cant think of much cuz all the songs are little different from eacother but an idea i have would be to use a few different words to describe what the song might make listeners thonk of cuz the songs made me think of someone struggling through life by themselves cuz no one really understands them but i really cant think of a title but i really like the songs and if i ever see this album in a store im buying it

I think you should just call it "The Beauty of Music" or "Always Playing for You" the theme works for you