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Wtf? People need to shut up sometimes. So if you add your own twist to a VG track with similar instruments, that means you stole? Jesus people can cry a lot.

the midi song with my song were really similar only because the midi was the original kokiritheme, and i made an orchestra version of it
and many people think they can hear differences between midi and mp3
a song with effort is lost

im not mad i just can understand what they want people are foolish sometimes

Right, I know we're already sending PMs on this, Zajed, but I read war-spawn's comment and have to set things right here...

Zajed did NOT alter anything of the original midifile. He just recorded it with some samples and posted it as his own remix/arrangement. I actually provided a link to the very midi he used. Sure, you can use something as a base; everyone who can't sequence by ear needs to find a midi in order to remix something. But this particular song was the orchestral version of the Kokiri Forest theme... Looking at Zajed's response, I don't even believe he's actually clicked the link I provided... I didn't post a link to the midi of the normal Kokiri Forest theme, I posted a link to the orchestral remix of the Kokiri Forest theme! I've posted it once, and I'll post it again... Kind of pointless at the moment because Zajed's deleted the file, but hey, he's going to post a download link to it here anyway, so then you guys can compare it.

Here you go: <a href="http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/Kokiri-Orchestralv2.mid">http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/

Here's some additional information on that midifile as well, proving Zajed's not the maker of it: <a href="http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/Kokiri-Orchestralv2.txt">http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/

Clear enough for all of you now? War-spawn, you're right, people do need to shut up sometimes. Only in this case, it's not me (yes, I wrote the review exposing Zajed as a midi thief), but Zajed himself.

- Conian

PS.: Zajed, thanks for telling me you had &quot;additional information&quot; on your profile, I wouldn't have even bothered checking it and see the lies you're spreading.

you still dont get the point kid
war spawn is right and i am right, and you are right in a different way
i checked the link out, and the midifile is just the orchestra version of the kokiri theme, not a remix or something else just the orchestra version

and saying that i spreading lies thats foolish, i should gave you a list with stolen songs, but that would be way to much work for me
and way to much work for you to writing bad reviews and pms

kid, you have no idea what you talking about for now you feeling big because you think your right you said you dont wanna get this personal, but you make it personal in the way you reacting

all i need to see is the word remix in your post, and i can tell you have actually no clue

These people are fucked in the head. Stop hating on one of the best on NG.
Stay up Zajed, and keep them NON STOLEN stuff coming. ITS A REMIX, ergo the word REMIX in it.
Fuck, haters are blind.
Keep doin what ya doin Zajed. Look forward to working with ya.
Down N DIrty ent.