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Posted by Zajed - April 19th, 2008

anyone know the metal gear solid song enclosure, at the scene when sniper wolf dies? just youtube it then you will know which songi mean

i asked the local orchestra if they wanna remake it and they agreed , all i need is a studio lol, im asking a good fiend of mine if he can give me his microphone, it wont sound that professional if i just record it with a studio micro but thats all i can get and i think its enough because i didnt planned to record it, but its a great expierience to work with a real orchestra, they are young and still learning, it takes a bit time to organize this thing

the teachers of the orchestra said that it is a great idea that i wanna do something like that, and they helping me with it

and i already talked with the guys who playin the strings(i dunno the word in english for them lol) and they already started to work

i hope you will enjoy the final product, as much as i enjoy the workin on it

sonn as i recorded it i will upload it here

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i wanna remind all the artist on the hip hop genre, that the real music comes from the heart

sampling isnt music that kind of music, its just music where someone threw drums over it, its ok to sample something sometimes, but there are alot of sampled tracks here with no effort , only a drumline that goes through the whole track, they not even choppin or something they usin the full song or a short part of it and throwing a drumline on it, of course many people will like it because they already likin the original

that kinda hurt my feelings if someone puts effort into a track and he get 0 bombed because some of them didnt liked it, but when someone upload a track where he only threw a short repitive drumline on a sample that goes through the whole song over 3 minutes long, i cant hear any real music in a track like this

i sampled sometimes too but at least i chopped or i tried to get as far away as i can from the original

where is the music? where is the music with melodys with effort with emotions, ive seen alot of newcomers lately on the hip hop section, but they are getting overlooked because they getting 0 bombed

Do me a favor and check the sites 1-20 dont look always at the frontpage, some of you are newcomers and some of you already are a solid guy on the hip hop section, but you were a newcomer too

support the talented new artists on the site and ignore the ''famous'' old artists for a while

bad english ftw


Your gonna have real instruments on one of tracks? That's gonna be awesome! Can't wait to hear it!

But I love these samples although I agree with you all the way of just puttin a drum pattern over certain things..........*LOOKS AT WARSPAWN*

He's my fav artist but i think he does sample too much.

i have nor problems with sampling, il do it too sometimes

well warspawn is good at sampling and i like the way he work with the samples, on warspawn my opinion is splited, the most of his tracks are sampled thats not really original,

but at least he works with the sample he tries to lte it sound original, so i like his sampled things and i dont like his sampled things hard to explainb

so war spawn if you read this
stop playing ut3, make some music naoghw