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the list

Posted by Zajed - April 28th, 2008

no its not the list from south park, its a list with newcomers/unknown/underrated artists in the hip hop genre, im gonna make the list bigger and bigger when il see an underrated artist

-K-Dm(he deserves more attention)
-DeeJay-JCC(he made more techno, but his hip hop beats got real potential)

what is hip hop?
im asking this questin to myself from time to time, and i must admit i have no idea, hip hop became so different, i mean what the f***k is going on

all the people calling crunk or whatever its called hip hop because the whole mainstream hip hop is crunk, and when im trying to add some new things to ''hip hop'' people acting like
''this is not hip hop''
''this is wrong, no beat, nothing''

those are just 2 examlpes, so i wanna ask you, what is hip hop these days? i dont even listen to the mainstream things anymore, all i have is music from newgrounds on my mp3 player

and its kinda confusing when a famous artist releases a track with a new touch or something tottally new, and all of the people are like ''wooaaha yeah thats hawt gawd damn''

and when i trying to make something new and different people are like ''wtf, what is this''

so that means to me
copy the style of mainstream=win
try something new=fail

im serious if eminem, lil john or someoneelse releases a song like, Orchestra of heaven, ambition or you and me
all those people would going crazy

i guess its because i am a noname and a few people are afraid of something new unless someone famous makes it

so im asking again, what is hip hop these days?

feel free to review

and a random funny picture of course

and btw, the thing with the real orchestra is getting close to the end, so we are ready to record in a few weeks

the list


Yeah!!! Jackpot Bro (D Ich hab mir Dee Jay JCC angeh&ouml;rt und dein deutsches Comment gesehen. Merks jetzt erst das du &quot;Deutsch&quot; im Profil stehn hast. BTW ich habe dein &quot;When I look to the Sky&quot; sehr genossen, hier mal ein netter &lt;a href=&quot;<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/140728">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/140728</a>&quot;&gt;Link&lt;/a&gt; zu meinen neue Upload. Plz vote n' review - THX


muah ich knall dich mal auf die liste, gehst ja unter bei den ganzen leuten hier

en review hinterlass ich auch noch


thx for the extra exposure ^___^

i plan to upload alot of stuff this summer


WS &gt; everyone here &gt;=O


flashmac and K-Dm are the two only people I've heard of here. Rather enjoy their music. I'll check out the other two o.o

im gonna make the list bigger, but im so busy bluargh, dont have much time to check the pages out

I'm on it. YEAH!! lol, thanks dude. I'm gonna go check out n1k-mUg and DeeJay-JCC now.

Your slacking man get your lazy ass offf guildwars and make something new you fake ass bitch! LOL

lmao i cant im so addicted to it


Wow man, I know exactly what you mean. Keep doing your thing because music that only goes with the stat quo isnt true music.