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Posted by Zajed - May 21st, 2008

i just wanna let you guys know that i cant update the list for a while, because im so fuggin busy lol
il try my best to finish my next track as soon as possible

K-Dm told me that im hardcore and crazy lol because im working too much and got like 100 other things that i have to do beside my job

i wanna thank you all, all of you who was listening to my music, and i wanna thank you for all the reviews i read every review, i read every review more then once

and i dont wanna just reponse to a good review like ''thanks'', so if i am not response to your reviews just wait a little longer im so damn busy lol, and that make me lazy

i didnt fixed anythin in this post, because i dont pay attention to the spelling right now because i have to go back to work, well thats problably not important because my english sucks always lol

and i got a message from a really good friend, well since im that busy i didnt had much time to talk to him n stuff,provider problems, girlfriend, the orchestra, the work, renovation(i hope thats the right word), trying to get a new job, trying to move to my gf, working on my album(yes im workin on an album) and many other problems i dont wanna tell.
he thought i blocked him all the way (on msn and all other messengers) well thats really sad to hear that he thinks that im blocked him, its really depressing that i drifted that far away from one of my best friends i didnt even noticed that it happened because i was busy alltime working on all those things,i guess il just overweighted myself and i thought i can handle all those things at once, but i guess i was wrong, well all i can say is sorry i didnt wanted that it turned out like that, but im coming back thats for sure my friend, once im finished my work with the orchestra i will put my hands slower on things
as you said
Factum infectum fieri non potest.

and a funny picture as usual



lol nice pic
made me laugh for a sec =d

ya u crazy bastard stop working so much haha

but its all good i think ive gone longer periods of time without posting anything lol

ill can keep waitin for ur next track thurs no rush

and that pic is jokes... chamillionaire haha i lold


HAHAHA! Zajed this Pic is FACKEEN ORESUM! XD Made me laugh n' sendin it to some ICQ buddys. I'm busy too these days so I', not going to release anything soon. I got some Ideas and I want to tell some Friends about it (well like you and K-Dm of course) to know what they think... yeeee... yah! So sty tuned and keep a lok at your Inbox ^^ cya round

charizard evolves at lvl 101. chamillionaire is the first and only successfully h4x3d past lvl 100 in order to evolve. ROFL XD