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emozajed wtf

Posted by Zajed - August 1st, 2008



i think zajedmusix is a pretty cool guy. eh goes to rainbow road for 3 weeks and doesn't afraid of nething.

YO! You leave without tellin me? Where's my mad beats from my fav producer??
haha. Just playin man.
Get at me when ya back...

Chill man, in situations like this, I find the best thing to do is to... well just simply get over it! Not calling you a pussy or anything, because I can completely understand, you felt the thrill, ecstasy of being in a relationship with someone you really cared about but than it all comes to an end in an instant. Kind of like taking love "crack" in a matter of speaking and suddenly it's taken away, heh, bad metaphor but whatever, you get the idea. Here's some advice, because I've been in a situation much like yours. (Haha, in my classic long-ass music review style.)

-Talk with her, communication is the key to a relationship. Ask her why the loves faded away, maybe somethings been bothering her, try to smooth things over if you can.
-And if she has a valid reason, don't completely break down or get mad/blame her, but rather put yourself in her shoes and try to understand, and if all goes well, you guys just might be able to amend things.
-If she has a completely selfish and/or invalid reason, try to reason with her, and if that doesn't work, than just completely ditch her because she probably was never for you if she thinks like that.
-And if that happens, just brush it off man. Move on. Don't let something like this get you down. If this relationship really means something, than it WILL work out in the end. Trust me on that. And if it doesn't work out, well than it just was never meant to be...

Well yeah man, I think that's pretty much as deep and philosophical as I can get at the moment, heh. I really hope this advice helps and I hope everything works out. Best of luck Zaj, later for now.


thanks for the helpful advice man, but when it comes to relationships im a pussy lol

that really really helps me, i talked to her n stuff, even she dont know why it came like this, maybe she is confused and needs a bit time, but everytime i have this strange feeling in my stomach things turning out how i expecting it, its like a 6th sense or something

this relationship really means something, but love can grow anywhere and love can wither anywhere, i hope wither is the right word

the only thing i want is that she is happy, and even if it means that i have to go, the main problem is ''how can i deal with feeling'', if the love really faded away il respect that. i cant get angry on a person who just changed the feelings thats natural, and i just cant get angry on a person who i love to death

she takes a big place in my heart, shes the kind of love that you still love after 20 years, a love that you just cant get over with
shes the love that follows you to the end of your life, even if she has a new friend or a husband or even if you didnt seen her 10-30 years, shes is the love you think of everyday, sometimes just 5 seconds and sometimes you think about her 2 hours, shes the love you going to love forever, even if you have a wife that you love and kids, shes the love you just cant forget, some people dont even expierence that feeling and some people dont want too, the people who dont expierence such a feeling i dunno i kinda feel sorry for them, and the poeple who dont want too.. i understand them because of the situation i am into right now

im glad that i met her and im glad that i had such a great time, the best time of my life so far, and i hope that this gos on for the rest of my life but i cant decide that, its all in her hands right now, i had the greatest 2 1/2 years of my life so far and maybe there are coming more years with her, i hope it

im glad that i can talk like that, because she dont read my newgrounds blog lol, she dont even likes my music, kinda funny because my inspiration comes when i think about her, but i cant suit everybodys taste i guess

anyway, thanks alot for the great advice man, this really means something to me

Just like Omg said... talking is the best way in a relationship to smooth things down. If she really has a reason to end it up you have to face that too just like she has to about you still love her. And even everything falls apart, hey! I was in love too you know, we all were I guess and we all got over it anyhow. This doesn't have to mean live just end up with that forever... But I do't know anythig about your Person so...just don't do anything stupid alright :/