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Posted by Zajed - August 9th, 2008



Whoa, so is this like a tri-collab? Nice, can't wait to hear it man! Hope everything is fine with you and your gf btw. Oh, and would you mind telling me what kind of song this is? Is it like a typical hip-hop song or the epic orchestral hip-hop you guys make all the time? Later for now.


its going to be a full album, with intro and outro,story ,each song has its own story, and all tracks together are one big story

directed by me lol,il try to use my full equipment with the full power and full emotions, im trying to add my feelings into every single track, the most of the songs going to be sad

if my girlfriend really wanna leave me, then its going to be my last present for her, and if she keeps the relationship up il add a bonus track

if not then il give her the album and say farewell, im trying to release my anger, and sorrow with this one

even if it the songs gets 0 bombed, this album releases the pressure from my chest

YEZ! Im on it! Lets switch to Emo-Style baby :,(

was up dawg

Hey Zajed

Congratz on your guys new project, hope it goes well.

Scars of Sorrow has a beautiful intro
I hope i was good enough to help you guys out.
maybe sometime i'll upload my music, and you guys can check me out

any way good job & good luck!

So..... she IS your Ex now from what I can see?! I feel sorry for you man :,(

been a while man so i'm showing some love haha.

dedicated to someone special.......... Zajed! You didn't have to dedicate it to me. hahahaha lmao jk man. Good luck with the tracks. Mabey we can whip up something. Dang you have a youtube page now?! Dang mabey I should make one too lol

as always showing the luv!

Rav if your opinion ment anything to me i'd probably be upset right now =). However i'm not here to sit and hate on people like you are. If you wanna sit there and argue about being someones friend then go ahead and be immature =) Good luck with that. All i'm doing is showing Luv to a fellow artist haha maybe you can learn from that.

Very cool.

Uh-oh, I said something positive to Zajed...Nav-ill is probably going to bitch at me for doing that since I'm not on the album (because I don't do the music thing).

Don't brag about being a friend like that, Nav, because it seems like you only got on because of that reason. Wyld was showing respect to another music artist on NG and you went on a dick riding rampage.

Oh hay. I wanna get in this. <3 zajed