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Posted by Zajed - October 4th, 2008

brb, working on the album lol

oh and btw, some people told me that i should'nt give the album away for free =O i thought about it, but then again i remembered that i am a noname and all the people gonna be like ''wtf who is this, he wants money for his album, wtf i dont even know him'' lol and there is still a possibility that many wont like my album

ye so that is what i see when i look into a future where i sell my album

anyway, cya

Ok i found a site where i can earn some money muahaha, each download gives me 10 cent, its not much lol but, its enough if many people downloading my songs
for example
User A downloading Scars of Sorrow = 10 cent
if User A downloading it again = nothing
it works only once so spread that godamn link lol

you have to register to download

My Openpot



Holy shit man, damn, I feel really sorry for you right now. I mean, I wish I could help, but there's only so much advice I can give. ;( But anyways, keep it going man, I know you can get through this. Really nice and touching lyrics (if they are lyrics) by the way... But damn man, is there anything I can do?

ye those are lyrics, im trying to lose some pressure, its amazing how writing can help sometimes, anyways im open for any advice tips anything, even if you gonna say alcohol lol

Man, I went through the same shit about 6 months ago. Caught my GF cheating actually.. Even when it isn't your fault it's hard to let go. It doesn't go away, but I can tell you it gets easier to deal with. Even if it isn't something quite that drastic that drove you apart, it does get easier to deal with.
Let me know if you need anything. We don't really know each other but I've dealt with this shit and wished I had someone there for me when I dealt with it.

you know i'm behind ya bro! We can always do voice clips on MSN with EPIC songs in the background LOL.

Hey man why dont you try iTunes the only thing is that youd have to be paying iTunes which is a backfire lol. or you can try snocap on myspace but they take 25% of you profit and you dont get paid until you make atleast $20. its hard out there man, thats why i just let ppl DL my stuff and am trying to build a huge fanbase you know?

ps. i cant find lyrics to you song. take it easy man