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2009-12-10 21:21:09 by Zajed

ok i had a small mental breakdown, it was one of these mental breakdowns that makes you realize some tiny things that you havent seen, even though if they are obvious and right in front of your face yelling at you

well mental breakdown doesnt sound like a good thing but they are really handy sometimes, kinda hard to explain

its like in super mario on NES where the clouds had the same sprites as the bushes its so obvious but you dont realize it till somebody says it or till you take a closer look on your second playthrough
"goddammit why havent i seen this before now that i know it i cant play this game without having this in my mind" it doesnt ruin or changes the experience at all

well i dont even have the feel or urge to share this with someone its just i havent updated my site in a long time



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2009-12-12 05:44:44


Zajed responds:

i dunno lol, at least i updated my userpage