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Update on the Album

2009-12-16 13:47:49 by Zajed

ok quick update

i realized that i had a hard time making songs that are still entertaining when you already listen to em for 2 minutes

so K-Dm and Me are gonna do what we are good in

we gonna make around 15-18 short epic tracks
no overdrawn intros, no overdrawn melodies, just short epic tracks each is around 1-2 minutes

so we dont have to think about some stuff like "ok its good so far but we need a little bridge for that part"

btw check that out
K-Dm|Zajed - Forfeiting Fate


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2009-12-16 14:01:29

THANK YOU! Crist, there are so many songs on here that take minutes FULL !@#$ing MINUTES to build up to anything!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!


2009-12-16 14:01:56

What kind of music u do?

Zajed responds:

classical/epic, i guess the best word to describe it is trailermusic


2009-12-17 16:02:31

Can't wait for you to get back in your movement...


2009-12-21 18:35:37

epic =/= symphonic


2009-12-29 10:28:56

we shud collab sometime on a epic and i do mean epic classical song..


2010-01-02 06:02:45

Is this the album that's gonna be on iTunes store?


2010-02-03 14:29:40

oh son where are youuu :(