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Artist Review

Posted by Zajed - April 20th, 2010

i thought about something that could waste my sparetime even more so im gonna review a new or old artist from time to time
famous, indie, underground, bad, good does'nt matter music is music right?
its not just a simple review, it gets more into the details etc.

and sorry guys if my english is giving you eyecancer at some parts (or overall)

AND DONT try to play some sneaky voodootricks on me when you dont share my opinion i try to be as neutral as possible but the most things are influenced by my own "experience" or things i've already seen or done anyway lets get to the point

My first "victim" is Just Bieber yes the Justin Bieber
Im talking about the 16 year old "Singer" who has 3 "Factions" of "Fans"
(im feeling like DR. Evil with so many quotation marks)

Those people who love him
Those people who hate him
Those people who give a sh**

Then there is a "Pre-Faction"
"Who the heck is justin bieber"
and once you heared about him you drift into one the 3 "Factions" im in the 3rd one, i simply do not care

The Genre
His genres are Pop and R'n'B, nothing much to say about there but like i said im going into the details.
In MY opinion his Instrumentals are Horrible BUT the mainstreammusic lacks of original and creative instrumentals overall.
Most of the times when i hear a Pop or HipHop song in the Radio, Youtube, TV etc. i think to myself "What the eff is this sh**"
What happened to the creative Producers out there? where are they? they have the Equipment but all i hear is a Harsh Synth a Bassline and some boring Drums.
Oh and btw. i listened to alot of Popsongs on youtube to do some "research" about the Synth
most of them almost sound like the same.
By same i mean its most of the times based on the same synth sometimes i think they talk on the phone like
"erm yeah timbaland here, look i need this synth you used in this song that goes like dun dund udnun, know which one i mean?"
"oh yeah this one, i send you the synth no problem, just let me take out the chorus,phaser and distortion quick"
I know i know its not as simple as i said but i think you get the point there

Back to our beloved justin biesdfsagd his instrumentals are basically... how can i explain it.
Just imagine you hold your face into a campfire while you get raped by a goat.
i already can hear the little girls yell
"You're just jealous" No im not jealous
"You have no idea how music works" I do have alot of knowledge about music (i jsut dont use it on NG bleh)
"justin bieber is a genius" erm nope

I dont even know how is instrumentals sounds before an audio engineer lays his hands on it
if there isnt an audio engineer working on his instrumentals, then i'll give him points on that
anyways what im trying to say is.
His instrumentals are note creative at all just shit i already heared everywhere and even the shit i heared was better then his instrumentals.

The Voice And The Lyrics
Why does it sound strange, weird and wrong at all points when a 16 year old boy is singin about love?
This kid cant even spell "Sexually Confused" right (irony if i spelled it wrong) and wants to sing about love? WTF seriously WTF.
Imagine your 10 year old sister or daughter or whatever (i dont have a sister or daughter or a whatever)
walks up to you, looks right into your eyes and she is saying
"jesus my vagoo smells like a whole soccerteam, come to think of it a whole soccerteam was in there last night"
ye i took it abit on a higher level but it kinda is like that.

He simply cannot sing, no he cant, nope he cant.
HE is on the RIGHT way, but what this boy needs is a teacher.
And dont comment with "he is 16 his voice is gonna get stronger he still grows up"
that argument counts for a 12 year old.
When a teacher would get his hands on this boy (ye that did not sounded right i know)
he would become a great singer with a great voice.
You cant manure a flowerbed by farting through the fence.

im not a singer and i cant sing im aware of that
but theres a difference between
singin when you cant
singin when you do not know how
thats how life works, you have to learn and train something before you can do it
or you just simply have a sh**load of talent

i've never seen a baby walking out of his mother at the birth.
and yes there are exceptions, but there are exceptions everywhere, exceptions is not the majority.

Yep thats why he is famous.
-He is young
-He makes music
-He had alot of views on youtube before he became famous
Thats WHY he is FAMOUS, because the smart people in the musicindustry know what makes alot of money.
The target audience is 10-17 year old girls.
The fact that he is 16 himself gives the listeners the feel
"oh he is 16 and famous he must have alot of talent"
"i love him he is so cute i wish we would be in a relationship"
etc. i could make a few more examples but i guess you guys know what im trying to say

you clearly can tell the difference between musicians who are in the business because they worked really hard to get there
musicians who are in the business because they making alot of money

a small list to get the idea
Christina Aguilera(i hope i spelled her last name right)
Britney Spears
N'Sync (they dont exist anymore i know)
Backstreetboys(they are gone too)
Justin Timberlake
Lady GaGa

what they all have in common is luck alittlebit of talent and someone who knows what makes money
thats the marketing

Musicians Who Worked
Eminem (he really deserved it)
etc. all the other talented HipHop artists, not Flo-Rida and all those idiots this isnt hip hop anymore
The Prodigy
Lady Gaga (yup she belongs on both sides)
Justin Timberlake (well he either)
System Of A Down
Linkin Park

most of them actually WORK, they writing their own lyrics they can play instruments you can clearly see HEAR and SEE the difference

the list is BASED on my opinions, it has nothing to do with "who deserved it" and "who doesnt".
well thats it so far

this is kinda a Beta-Review to see if this whole Reviewthing can actually go somewhere
i did not put alot of effort into this since it is just a beta or a test if thats the word you prefer to hear/read

feel free to share your own thoughts in the commentsection, just dont get offensive
if you have a different opinion on some things thats ok and fine by me

Live and let live.


Looks like me and you think alike Zajed. By the way, XT (Xplicit) and I found an instrumental you gave him a while back, he did a track to it called "Murderous". He released it about two years ago but we found the instrumental in some deep harddrive searching and we are planning to redo the song completely. I'll keep you posted.

nice rant zaj, very on point i tell people similar points of views about music but people like OHZ HE ISh JuZ A HATAH, you know what i mean? i guess you have to be the change you want to see in the music industry. i have the same views on lady gaga but you see her shit from the past? im actually impressed, not a bad painoist and actually has a decent voice. idk why she sold her soul to the mainstream. Vintage Lady Gaga Live at NYU, check it on teh ut00bz hell she even looks datable.

so think I am happy joining the third group then

you dont like justin bieber then.