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2010-07-03 04:20:00 by Zajed

to keep things short

so i recently going apeshit with my programs and instruments and whatnot

so im currently looking for a rapper/singer who is interested in working with me on some experimental things

and yes some hip hop is included too, but my goal is to make it sound different from all the other things on zeh webz and zeh tv'z
well k thats impossible, but at least i dont want to drift into that mainstream sound
with zeh lady gagaz and zeh timbalandz and zeh ozer artiztz

pm me if you want to work on some songs

now for something completely different



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2010-09-25 05:24:54

Is that you in the picture or is that Keanu Reeves? (seriously?)

Zajed responds:

LOL thats keanu reeves


2011-06-15 21:28:52

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