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Posted by Zajed - January 9th, 2008

i checked 10 pages of the newgrounds hip hop modern audio section

and i realised that only garbage is in the hip hop section (i dont wanna say everything, but the most it includes me too, my garbage)

i miss the time where the people dropped beats with sick melody good drumline n stuff

so many newcomers in this section and they are all uploading beats with no effort
i dont wanna be rude or something, but there was a time when people uploaded beats with effort n stuff, no one here takes time to finish something they just uploading tracks, they dont care if the beat sux

ok most of them are newcomers but they dont using any tipps in the reviews, they just going nowhere they should take time to finish a beat, its better to have quality instead of 100 beats with some random notes many of them got talent but they dont using it

so if you wanna become better then use the tipps the people give you, and take your time to finish a beat dont upload tracks you finished in an hour take your time

well maybe i sounded rude and cocky but i dont care =D i just wanna help

i know my english is bad dont remind me

i think its better to have killer beats on the frontpage instead of some 1-hour-garbage
and i know my beats arent that good so shut your mouth ò.ó


I admit, I've submited garbage to the portal but only because I thought it sounded good at the time. I have like 20 beats I'm never going to submit because it's not worth being on the internet (in other words, it sucks).
Well anyway as soon as I get reason, hopefully I'm not one of the "newcomers anymore". Good luck with your beats and let's hope people actually start to spend more time on their music (including me haha)

ye right flashmac i heaqr you, at first you think a track is good but later you think it sux i know that but seriously i have that problem too lol

It's not just the submissions that are the problem. If NG did a better job at weeding out alternate vote acct's and had a better voting system, then good music would be the only thing on the front page. As it is now, the same cats end up on the FP because they load up 10 or 20 alts, hit up a crew of their loyal fanatics and go from 3.1 to 4.3 rating in under 20 minutes every 3 or 4 days.

I've seen some tracks get back on FP and go from 140 to 160 votes in a half hour. And this was tracks that shoulda been buried deep in a users submissions so it wasn't some kind of hype or sudden exposure the song got to gain that many votes. And we all know from experience that a track can get 100 listens and only 2 votes, but some of these FP all-stars get a 2-for-1 listen-to-vote ratio? Come on...that's the same ploy they use on myspace for click-thru and song listens and it ain't a real measure of your popularity.

I've upped WIPs, but if ya check my audio now you'll note that I've culled a few of my tracks from my listing because they didn't live up to my standards now. My first track is gone, and I deleted it with nearly a 4.0 avg. rating. I agree, the hip-hop section gets crapped on by alot of people, ranging from little kids hating on hip-hop so they put up stupid parodies, all the way up to adults who can't rap and don't know how to create instrumentals but have two funny lines involving feces and a rival user in the forums, so everyone 5's them.

Your music doesn't suck. Frankly, I wish you and Greeksta would come back full force and put out more tracks here because we need the infusion of epic Hip-Hop. I don't make epic ambient pieces that can stand alone, but the two of you, kamakazi, and some of the other tops do. And Reven and some of the other old NG audio peeps who put out the best vocalizations also are needed.

Anyhow, if ya think anything I put up is garbage, I don't flame reviews that give constructive criticism. I wish more people would leave reviews. As it is, it's like pulling teeth in the H-H section. Plenty of people are willing to 0 bomb without giving a reason why, maybe because they are too scared to admit that it's because you don't respect their own idolization of Hip-Hop...

Thanks for the audio, the opinion and the willingness to express it.


i didnt expected someone writing that much lol

i know what you mean, everyone uploading bad tracks from time to time but the prob is the most ''bad'' tracks are good with a nice melody good mastering and good feeling, the probi s a few people dont like it lol because they like diffrent music

when a few people would rate to the quality, how a tack is mixed together that would be so much better then ''hmm i dont like i give him a 1 '', and i noticed tht many people voting other tracks down to get their own tracks on top

not everything on the frontpage here is garbage, many tracks here got really potential n stuff, but the most people dont use it they just uploading something that sounds empty, poor, and ''nooby''

if someone uploads his first track to ng i dont expect a bomb or i dont want something good i listen to it il give them a helpful review and i rate one my opinion what he deserves, i can hear it when some newcomer put effort in a track and if i hear something that 3-5 ok with that system il push the ''garbage'' to the frontpage, but thats not important because 5 mins later someone votes a 0

and abouzt the listening ye thatstrue
100 listens
2 votes
well we cant do anything to change that

but we can help the newcomers to the frontpage so a few people can hear the music before other people voting it down its hard to get a name when your music is on page 30 or something

i know thats confusing helping the newcomers to the frontpage and trying to get rid of the garbage on the frontpage

dont complain about my english or il cook you

after takin a quick look at the hip hop front page today i totally agree with u man.

im findin it really strange how some pretty whack tracks r being overrated while other high quality tracks r being underrated...

if what InGenius says is tru bout ppl makin alternate accounts n stuff then were facing a pretty serious problem O_O

at this rate all the truly talented and honest artists will be lost under all the losers who are constantly self-voting themselves (while probly hating at the same time)...

neways i too hope that the hip hop front page will once again be filled with quality tracks and ill work hard (once my laptop is fixed T___T) to earn my spot ^___^

i have 3 accounts lol, i dont rate with them i just made them for the music but after 3 months or something i realised that its bullshit to have 3 accs lol

i can tell your are an underrated artist, your music is great you made some great melodys and great tracks but no one listens to your song because they ignoring you, and thats a problem with other artists too

all we can do is wait till tom fulp that lazy ba... erm that awesome guy lol, is changing a few things on the hip hop section

i really wanna know who rates my tracks and what, so i can see who is voting 0,1,2 some people even dont listening

they clicking on something and after 10 seconds they even didnt heared the full intro 'ewww thats lame i rate 2''

Your english sucks. I hate you face. Yes, I hate you face.


A bunch of 'yeah-yeah' dudes here. No one likes giving constructive criticism. It's just, 'YO THAT WAS HOT! CHECK MAH PAGE DAWG!' type shit nowadays...wait... it's been like that since forever xD...

It's whatever though, let's just keep bringin the madness to this site. Hopefully, we'll get another boredom collab poppin. =D




if dey had a beef on the front page.. would u be satisfied? xD