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Entry #48

Small Update

2013-03-29 05:58:54 by Zajed

Well i havent posted something in years so i thought it is the time to update this page a little bit.
There is nothing much going on in my life except that my fulltime job still sucks and as long as i work there i cant really focus my time on music. But a man needs money in order to survive in this unforgiving world.

Anyways, below are my other Pages where i lurk around, feel free to check them out. Im gonna update them soon which means im gonna delete old tracks and upload a few new ones. And im planning to upload my finished pieces there so. Im aware of the fact that i never finish something to 100%.
Bear with me, as long as im working at this damn place i cant get my lazy ass up to get something 100% done.

My Soundcloud
My Reverbnation

Oh and if anyone needs small loops for a flashproject hit me up, small loops are something that im able to complete in no time.

Btw. feel free to add me on skype or msn just for a chat or making some music.


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2013-03-29 16:10:03

You could link to those pages in your sites (<-- over there). Good to hear the music'll still be streaming in on NG, and congrats on 400 fans (soon)!