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New Programm

Posted by Zajed - February 19th, 2008

I just got Cubase 4 and guess what, it wont work =D lol, so i just got my hands on reason 4

and im pretty confused lol, everyone has beef lol except me im neutral, il just make fun of everyone lol nah seriously il really make fun of everyone who has beef, not because i wanna insult those guys its just4fun because this whole beef thing is focked up
and just to make things clear, dj ses already thinks i want beef il put up a list with people i made fun of bluah so that you guys know that im a neutral bitch

War Spawn
Dj Ses
Lil Dope
Zajed(yup even me)
XKaliba(seriously hes fuggin loud in ts)
G Styles
and a few other people, but those guys need to know that i dont wanna beef with any of them

its just 4 fun =D

il standing outside and watchin this shit kinda crazy and funny

oh and i created a reverbnation acc My ReverbNation, i just uploaded 1 track so far, make sure to check my acc out =D

and i think he Click Me Hard still steals songs from other people

oh and btw

New Programm


I don't know of anything that could help ya out with the experiment, so sorry, but just droppin a quick hello, and a cheers for some of these beats, my next album will be hot, i'll let ya know which tracks im on when they are up.
Also did ya get that contract man? Let me know what's up.
Keep it real, and keep em comin Zaj.
Down N Dirty ent.

Hit up Lady Arsenic. She's cool peeps =D

LMFAO warspawn wants you to get close and personall with the shemaleWHALE LOOOOL!

that fat bitch wants to eat u LOL!!!

Zaj we got our singer already who needs a mumble rapper part 2 anyway huh? hahaha~

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so ur looking for a girl yeah mam i can whak a sick high note jk jk
u know im messing wit u

ladyarsenic is probably a great way to go. There are alot of great female singers on newgrounds however. good luck with the project.

I agree though, hania is also a very talented singer.. Lots of em out there! Keep an eye out! I've been thinking about doing something along those lines myself.. having a female vocalist to a song.. Just gotta write the song.. haha. Keep on it my friend!

im not good(or maybe i just dont make the kind of music that fits) and famous enough to work with them, i think they gonna be like "who are you? i dont like your music go away" lol

thennn she's a fool lol XD


seems everyone got problems with everyone else haha yeah i'd rather be neutral myself yanno?

i have beef know with cubase 4 lol
stay neutral and beat the crap out of everyone

BEEEEEEEEEEEF its whats for dinner!

tonight we dine with beef

yes, tits...indeed. THOSE, my friend, are what's for dinner :-)

CSI Rockband!

Eat shit and die, faggot.

ok =D