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2009-03-25 15:45:00 by Zajed

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

im just curious


2009-03-24 08:56:22 by Zajed

reinstalling windows



2009-03-16 06:07:05 by Zajed

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

im just curious

and im looking for a new nickname, any suggestions? and no im not gonna use Buthert Macfagsworth

got some serious interwebz problems so if anyone trys to message me on msn,icq,skype,aim it might wont work some fucked up shit is going on


2009-03-10 09:30:25 by Zajed

screwed up people know whats comin
normal people just snappin


2009-03-05 13:00:59 by Zajed

O.K guys short story

i rarely have this moments of laughing so hard that i cry of laughing, but i had one of these moments 5 minutes ago
im still amused

what im tryin to say is,
do you guys know any persons who tells other people that they're only cool when they hang out with them, for example

arrogantman says: your only cool when ur in my friendcircle if not... then ur a crackhead a loser a trashcan blahblahblah

and i laughed straight 4-5 minutes because of this

and i changed my plans, im going to miami for a year and not japan =P

and now to something completely different

Get The Fuck Out Of My Head

if ur trying to insult me, try harder
Bring it on


2009-03-04 14:31:19 by Zajed

8 Months, nothing has changed, still the same
3 goddamn years


2009-03-02 09:53:49 by Zajed


aw jeez

2009-02-08 08:21:19 by Zajed

weird and funny things happen lately but im too lazy to write it all down so nvm

i finally got some new strings for my nylonguitar, damn its nearly impossible to get guitarstrings in my village lol
well i have a steelstringguitar but the nylon has a much smoother and calm sound and thats what i prefer but i still need a D String lol nah anyways

scars of sorrow is a pain in the arse lately, because i have so much shit going on and so many open projects
for example i finished a few things and then someone comes to me and says,

''hey this girl wanna sing to your songs, do you have anything for her to sing?''
''sure i have'' (but i lie everytime when someone asks me this lol)
so i open a finished project and redo this whole thing that someone can sing to it

and im excited everytime how the song is gonna end, but mostly its fucked, bad quality or the person cant sing lol

well this happened about 6 times now? i dunno
so i had to cancel 6 songs for scars of sorrow lol

long story short, i should stop giving random people songs lol

March. 5 is coming, gonna be hell of a tough day

Well erm

2009-01-19 17:22:51 by Zajed

oh jeez, a huge mistake happened, never thought that this could turn out like this, i didnt even thought that something like this can happen in this dimension/world/time

well to make things clear
the post at Dec. 25, 2008 @ 9:24 AM EST never was made in any thought about you
well all i can do is, hope that you believe it


ok guys, i have over 80 unfinsihed projects for Scars of Sorrow lol
actually i wanted 15-20 tracks on the album with the story, but for now i dont have a clue what to do with those files
i dont know which projects are good enough and i think im not even able to finish all of those, i have to throw the elite of those files into the album

so if anyone wanna be on the album pm me, and il send a file or something i dunno

album is still dedicated to one special person

Well erm


2009-01-10 21:10:12 by Zajed