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2008-01-02 07:18:57 by Zajed

i uploaed 2 new tracks, and they wont show up in the audio list what on earth is going on


2007-11-17 11:15:07 by Zajed

he stolen my music, so i just wanted to let you guys know who stolen my music, hes sad because of the 0 voters lol

not again

2007-10-30 09:57:07 by Zajed

ok so i googled my name again, and im not glad what i found

danraniera did it again, but this time he made a 2nd account with my name, i didnt even knew about that
he stolen songs from newgrounds, like guitar vs piano and claimed them as a collab between me and dan wtf
i never registered me on this site

the first time i googled my name, i saw danraniera on with my tracks and claimed them as his own, so i registered myself on looperman

i think about to tag my tracks, but not only in the intro, people could cut them out, i think about to tag them like djses, 300 tags in 2 minutes lol


2007-10-20 15:14:02 by Zajed

aw i just installed guild wars nightfall again, and so many files to download(over40000) i think i never delete guild wars again, i waited like 2 hours to play, now its done and im too lazy to play lol

oh and if someone wants me to make a few industrial tracks just leave comments i think im gonna check a few other genres out

oh and i reached level 6 with teh N***A Hand lol


2007-10-02 16:43:50 by Zajed

i have a cold god damnit, i hate it, my head hurts my nose everything, wrryyyy god wryyyyyyyyy

tomorrow is my birthday

2007-09-22 17:14:29 by Zajed

god damn, tomorrow is my birthday and i have no idea what to do (i turn 19 btw)

no money, no beer, nothing geez

added a few things to my site

2007-08-29 17:00:24 by Zajed

i added a page header and an avatar(thanks to a friend of mine),i hope everyone likes it
leave comments if you want =D

heres my
if anyone wanna collab or just talk, add me


2007-08-25 05:40:02 by Zajed

its time to type something, because everyone types something lol, the only problem is i dunno what
so i post a funny link eln-teil-2-child-be ater-part-2

just remove the space in the link

add me on aim if you want =D

i just realized that winter dream is in the wrong genre lol it should ment to be classical but i uploaded it wrong^^