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Zajed's News

Posted by Zajed - January 9th, 2009

i put the album on hold, theres a huge problem i have to deal with
i worked every day on the album but for now.... i just cant work on it theres something i have to deal with

scars of sorrow on hold

Posted by Zajed - December 27th, 2008

k i didnt slept in 3 days lol i wonder how much longer i can stay awake

K-Dm | Kyle Martin Manoza vs FALLOUT 3 says:
i can see title in newspaper
"no Zs For Zajed... World Record for no sleep is broken!"

Zajed says:
lmao, no Z's for zajed

oh yeah and prepare for the most epic thing in history lol

stayed awake over 72 hours

oh and my next goal is 5 days or longer, going for world record lol, i have problems with sleep anyway so i just trying to reach my limit

k now im practicing for the world record, i had my sleep and i think it wont be too hard to beat the record maybe the last few days gonna be hard

early in the morning, with a badass quality
for the first time, pic of me on my page =D lol

oh my gawd

Posted by Zajed - December 25th, 2008

Damn i could Rage the whole Day i fuggin dont like christmas, its just a regular day for me with the only difference that everybody acts like cunts,
and one fuckin person is acting like a fucking ignorant and a fucking heartless cunt, ignoring me and doesnt care what im doing, this person wont even care when im gone
you are about to lose me forever you fucking cunt

and life is throwing shit at my face for a few months now
something is completely wrong in my life i just dunno if its my whole life or just a few things, im going to sherlock holmes this shit to figure out wtf is going on
well i still can an hero if everything fails

dont mind my aggressive acting im like that every christmas

amg now i feel better lol

and a funny picture as usual


Posted by Zajed - December 21st, 2008

o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\O_ Arrgh!!
<\==- - - - - - - --- __/
/ \ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\

Posted by Zajed - December 21st, 2008

o \O_ Arrgh!!
<\==- - - - - - - --- __/
/ \ \

Posted by Zajed - November 19th, 2008

it took 7 hours for me to complete the mainstory in fallout 3, and i didnt even rushed

after i finished the mainstory, guess what, zajed is on a rampage

blowed up megaton

bluargh, boredom in fallout 3

Posted by Zajed - October 4th, 2008

brb, working on the album lol

oh and btw, some people told me that i should'nt give the album away for free =O i thought about it, but then again i remembered that i am a noname and all the people gonna be like ''wtf who is this, he wants money for his album, wtf i dont even know him'' lol and there is still a possibility that many wont like my album

ye so that is what i see when i look into a future where i sell my album

anyway, cya

Ok i found a site where i can earn some money muahaha, each download gives me 10 cent, its not much lol but, its enough if many people downloading my songs
for example
User A downloading Scars of Sorrow = 10 cent
if User A downloading it again = nothing
it works only once so spread that godamn link lol

you have to register to download

My Openpot


Posted by Zajed - October 1st, 2008

O.K I need more time for the Album, because ravill disappeared~.~ and i need him for the intro

and as long as i cant upload the intro just listen to the opening 24/7 Scars of Sorrow

blogging, now you can show the whole world why no one is listening to you

Posted by Zajed - August 9th, 2008


Posted by Zajed - August 1st, 2008