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Zajed's News

Posted by Zajed - June 4th, 2008

since no one wanna beat battle il just cancel it lol

so check out the new collab

Annihilation Collab with K-Dm

Posted by Zajed - May 21st, 2008

i just wanna let you guys know that i cant update the list for a while, because im so fuggin busy lol
il try my best to finish my next track as soon as possible

K-Dm told me that im hardcore and crazy lol because im working too much and got like 100 other things that i have to do beside my job

i wanna thank you all, all of you who was listening to my music, and i wanna thank you for all the reviews i read every review, i read every review more then once

and i dont wanna just reponse to a good review like ''thanks'', so if i am not response to your reviews just wait a little longer im so damn busy lol, and that make me lazy

i didnt fixed anythin in this post, because i dont pay attention to the spelling right now because i have to go back to work, well thats problably not important because my english sucks always lol

and i got a message from a really good friend, well since im that busy i didnt had much time to talk to him n stuff,provider problems, girlfriend, the orchestra, the work, renovation(i hope thats the right word), trying to get a new job, trying to move to my gf, working on my album(yes im workin on an album) and many other problems i dont wanna tell.
he thought i blocked him all the way (on msn and all other messengers) well thats really sad to hear that he thinks that im blocked him, its really depressing that i drifted that far away from one of my best friends i didnt even noticed that it happened because i was busy alltime working on all those things,i guess il just overweighted myself and i thought i can handle all those things at once, but i guess i was wrong, well all i can say is sorry i didnt wanted that it turned out like that, but im coming back thats for sure my friend, once im finished my work with the orchestra i will put my hands slower on things
as you said
Factum infectum fieri non potest.

and a funny picture as usual


Posted by Zajed - April 28th, 2008

no its not the list from south park, its a list with newcomers/unknown/underrated artists in the hip hop genre, im gonna make the list bigger and bigger when il see an underrated artist

-K-Dm(he deserves more attention)
-DeeJay-JCC(he made more techno, but his hip hop beats got real potential)

what is hip hop?
im asking this questin to myself from time to time, and i must admit i have no idea, hip hop became so different, i mean what the f***k is going on

all the people calling crunk or whatever its called hip hop because the whole mainstream hip hop is crunk, and when im trying to add some new things to ''hip hop'' people acting like
''this is not hip hop''
''this is wrong, no beat, nothing''

those are just 2 examlpes, so i wanna ask you, what is hip hop these days? i dont even listen to the mainstream things anymore, all i have is music from newgrounds on my mp3 player

and its kinda confusing when a famous artist releases a track with a new touch or something tottally new, and all of the people are like ''wooaaha yeah thats hawt gawd damn''

and when i trying to make something new and different people are like ''wtf, what is this''

so that means to me
copy the style of mainstream=win
try something new=fail

im serious if eminem, lil john or someoneelse releases a song like, Orchestra of heaven, ambition or you and me
all those people would going crazy

i guess its because i am a noname and a few people are afraid of something new unless someone famous makes it

so im asking again, what is hip hop these days?

feel free to review

and a random funny picture of course

and btw, the thing with the real orchestra is getting close to the end, so we are ready to record in a few weeks

the list

Posted by Zajed - April 19th, 2008

anyone know the metal gear solid song enclosure, at the scene when sniper wolf dies? just youtube it then you will know which songi mean

i asked the local orchestra if they wanna remake it and they agreed , all i need is a studio lol, im asking a good fiend of mine if he can give me his microphone, it wont sound that professional if i just record it with a studio micro but thats all i can get and i think its enough because i didnt planned to record it, but its a great expierience to work with a real orchestra, they are young and still learning, it takes a bit time to organize this thing

the teachers of the orchestra said that it is a great idea that i wanna do something like that, and they helping me with it

and i already talked with the guys who playin the strings(i dunno the word in english for them lol) and they already started to work

i hope you will enjoy the final product, as much as i enjoy the workin on it

sonn as i recorded it i will upload it here

/* */
i wanna remind all the artist on the hip hop genre, that the real music comes from the heart

sampling isnt music that kind of music, its just music where someone threw drums over it, its ok to sample something sometimes, but there are alot of sampled tracks here with no effort , only a drumline that goes through the whole track, they not even choppin or something they usin the full song or a short part of it and throwing a drumline on it, of course many people will like it because they already likin the original

that kinda hurt my feelings if someone puts effort into a track and he get 0 bombed because some of them didnt liked it, but when someone upload a track where he only threw a short repitive drumline on a sample that goes through the whole song over 3 minutes long, i cant hear any real music in a track like this

i sampled sometimes too but at least i chopped or i tried to get as far away as i can from the original

where is the music? where is the music with melodys with effort with emotions, ive seen alot of newcomers lately on the hip hop section, but they are getting overlooked because they getting 0 bombed

Do me a favor and check the sites 1-20 dont look always at the frontpage, some of you are newcomers and some of you already are a solid guy on the hip hop section, but you were a newcomer too

support the talented new artists on the site and ignore the ''famous'' old artists for a while

bad english ftw

Posted by Zajed - March 31st, 2008

I wanna thank you all for the reviews and the motivation and everything you all give me,
i have to response to so many reviews but im busy these days so il try my best to get some time to response to all

i wanna thank everyone who listen to my music, you guys are awesome you are the reason why i keep posting on this site

and im currently workin on an orchestra version of Legends

a few words

Posted by Zajed - February 19th, 2008

I just got Cubase 4 and guess what, it wont work =D lol, so i just got my hands on reason 4

and im pretty confused lol, everyone has beef lol except me im neutral, il just make fun of everyone lol nah seriously il really make fun of everyone who has beef, not because i wanna insult those guys its just4fun because this whole beef thing is focked up
and just to make things clear, dj ses already thinks i want beef il put up a list with people i made fun of bluah so that you guys know that im a neutral bitch

War Spawn
Dj Ses
Lil Dope
Zajed(yup even me)
XKaliba(seriously hes fuggin loud in ts)
G Styles
and a few other people, but those guys need to know that i dont wanna beef with any of them

its just 4 fun =D

il standing outside and watchin this shit kinda crazy and funny

oh and i created a reverbnation acc My ReverbNation, i just uploaded 1 track so far, make sure to check my acc out =D

and i think he Click Me Hard still steals songs from other people

oh and btw

New Programm

Posted by Zajed - January 25th, 2008

ha got my new computer

everything works fine for me, im just one lucky person

Posted by Zajed - January 22nd, 2008

two guys whining about ''stolen'' il copy and paste my reponse to hise review, i deleted the file but il upload it here as a downloadlink he whining about midi file stolen
i was right when i said ng is technoland, noone is whining about true stolen midis,

they are just replacing a violin with a synth and thats all
il tried to gave a truely awesome themesong my own twist, but what came out this, two guys talking about stealing
they are just lucky when they listen to technoversions of videogame theme
take a remix of any song in the videogame section and all you hear is synths saws squares electronic shit
same with metal
vilion replaced with e-guitar
there are a few goodies but well they are underrated

but if you replace a violin with a violin they starting to play big, they takling about sotlen or credits, if they whining like this, then every vg song in the music section must be stolen
because someoneelse already made the melody, koji kondo, harry gregson williams, hans zimmer

when it is ok the replace orchestra with electronic or guitars
and when its bad to replace orchestra with orchestra then we have some really bad times

Orchestra version->electronic=good reviews everybody is lucky
orchestra version->orchestra=bad reviews they are mad at you

do you stand up in a videogame concert and yelling ''THIS IS STOLEN''

i dont understand why so many people areblind
im finished with the videogame section no more remixes no more orchestra version

of course there are really good remixes with own ideas, or own creations but i dont talking about this songs because they dont need the end up here, because they are really good

my response
Author's Response:

this i getting funny listen to the original orchestra version of the kokiri village theme, search on youtube or google or somewhereelse
if you work with fl studio you need the notes or the basics from a midi file, andi can say with true words that i just needed the melody

so if you thikn this is a rip off then go on the videogame section an gimme any remix without the notes from an already existing videogame theme, this is an orchestra version of the really original kokiri theme, and i checked the link out, listen to both really carefully everye note of the midi song and mine are the oringial notes from the kokiri village i just gave them a little twist with fx and effort of adding some other things

every instrument is supported in any orchestra version, i dont take the credit of someoneelses work, because as far as i listened to the midi is tihs not the same work i did and if you really think il take the credit of the guy whatever his name is, then go in the videogame seciotn and listen to some true stolen things

i spent alot of effort to make an orchestra version
noone is complaining about other zeldaremakes with no effort just replacing exporting and uploading and i listened to alot of those things, they just used technothings synths instead of violins strings and cellos

and now i tried to use classical instruments everyone is whining why? because its sounds like an orchestra? because it sounds like a videogame theme, i dont get the point

Posted by Zajed - January 9th, 2008

i checked 10 pages of the newgrounds hip hop modern audio section

and i realised that only garbage is in the hip hop section (i dont wanna say everything, but the most it includes me too, my garbage)

i miss the time where the people dropped beats with sick melody good drumline n stuff

so many newcomers in this section and they are all uploading beats with no effort
i dont wanna be rude or something, but there was a time when people uploaded beats with effort n stuff, no one here takes time to finish something they just uploading tracks, they dont care if the beat sux

ok most of them are newcomers but they dont using any tipps in the reviews, they just going nowhere they should take time to finish a beat, its better to have quality instead of 100 beats with some random notes many of them got talent but they dont using it

so if you wanna become better then use the tipps the people give you, and take your time to finish a beat dont upload tracks you finished in an hour take your time

well maybe i sounded rude and cocky but i dont care =D i just wanna help

i know my english is bad dont remind me

i think its better to have killer beats on the frontpage instead of some 1-hour-garbage
and i know my beats arent that good so shut your mouth ò.ó

Posted by Zajed - January 4th, 2008

im currently workin on a new classical/hip hop beat like historic moments which many people liked, and i thought ''hey why not making another one''

but the one i working on wont be like historic moments
i try to capture a other feeling in the notes, and i also started way different

i just wanna try new things out but i dont wanna go away from my beloved classical instruments
just check my page out from time to time

i realised that i changed my style without even knowing lol
before i used so the classical things, i produced alot of industrial typd tracks(i didnt uploaded many of them on ng)
the best examles are ::Z::The last soldier and ::Z::1 man army there are a few others like massive chaoz or german crime

i think about to mix classical industrial and hip hop i wonder how it would sound if iam gonna do it lol