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dat openingsounding thing

beside the pure cheesyness of this song, it is actually pretty damn good and i even think one of your best and really diverse

you get 10 japanese stars on this one

K-Dm responds:

10 japanese stars!?!?!?!??!?

damn. im honoured. thx zajed.


i dunno

im not really a fan of trance and i dont really know how to produce trance
so i dont really know where i have to nitpick

but you really should change the melody of that dulcimersoundin thing or turn it down an octave heared at 0:14 might be just my own opinion but i dont think that it suits the song

1:08 the flutething is really hard to sort out it just gets burried behind the rest of the track you should give it a bit more dominance but make sure the high frequencies wont blow the song away

dont really know what to tell lol im just not into trance

Windows98 responds:

Finally! a bloody helpful review. I will do JUST what you said!
thanks :D


i could'nt help but laugh man this is awesome


im still exhausted, our last horsehiding routine was pretty succesfull

flipping them over the shoulders is pretty hard to do
anyways it was a such an amazing experience to work with the two of you

K-Dm responds:

i couldnt agree more

pls keep up the good work zajed and u too horse



havent reviewd a track in a while, im a lazy arse D:

but well i can see where this is going feedbacktime

-change the snare it sounds way too simple for this, a heavy sounding snare mixed with a crunchy clap would fit better i guess

-maybe some strings chords in the background? they would fit well into the background they also fill the track more

well i dunno these are random suggestions lol, you also could add one more octave to the spiccatos

but i like it so far


we will never forget you

K-Dm responds:

thx man it means alot




K-Dm responds:



this could have been twice as good as scars of sorrow
but we never actually added anything to it, but im still amazed of this piece, the melody goes really good, im serious im gonna do something with it

K-Dm responds:


ya man id love to see it as a completely polished piece too...


the usual

i remember this one, pretty basic but still gives a nice atmosphere

to the guy below
your comment was far beyond helpful just complete nonesense

this doesnt sound like lord of the rings or holsts the planet at all
when you leave a review like that you should at least state your argument and just seeing that you gave a 0 with a review like that makes it obvious that you didnt even thought about your comment

you just left some nonesense here

there should be an option that if someone has enough bad votes he becomes restricted from voting and review

that whould leave more space for actual helpful comments

K-Dm responds:

LOL i agree with you...

there actually should be an option to restrict or ban users from voting and reviewing if it can be agreed upon by the rest of the community that their comments are useless...


well what can i say

i friggin love, the voice of the girls is amazing its overall a great piece of music

i know its kinda hard to find a choir with teenager but if a whole choir would sing the chorus twice at the end of the song it would be perfect

but overall its incredibly great

Burly responds:

Glad you like it man. Unfortunately I don't have an entire choir at my disposal lol. Thanks!

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