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really nice synth

nice synths caliber, the track is really deverse
well im interested in battling you just for fun thats like 2 different hip hop genres battling

really nice song but i missed something in the backround

keep it up


really nice

the opening is just great with the brass and how it switches to the different melodys, the marching part

every piece fits really great to the different auras on newgrounds, i love how u used the violin one of my favorite instruments (french horn and church organ and cello and choir are my favorites too choir isnt really and instrument so i just love choir lol )

i especially like the rage and the dark aura most in this piece
i can see the effort in this one, so much diversity and every segment flows nearly perfect, if i could get hand on the east west pack i would do so many things,

im really limited on sounds and its always hard for me to come up with new ideas with always the same instruments

i love your work defintly my favorite piece from you maestro, i can tell your one of the rare giftet persons on newgrounds, i wonder whats going on in your mind
im really impressed

really great job maestro, keep it up

and u should have used ''you spin me right round'' by dead or alive played by an arccordian lol for the pink aura

MaestroRage responds:

The East West Pack is a great and powerful package Zajed. When a time comes that would let you get it, I would highly highly suggest getting it. It's worth every penny, though a bit RAM demanding. Though in comparison to some of the other high end orchestral packages, 2 gigs of RAM is tiny.

Rage and Dark segments were my favorite to make as it fits best with my style I believe :D!

I'd show you whats going on in my head Zajed, but i'm afraid you'd never want to ever see anybody ever again :(. It's filled with enough random energy to kill a small animal. Also if you use soundfonts don't be afraid to dive into sf2midi.com. It's a great website with a lot of really great soundfonts, both ethnic and mainstream. I'm sure you can find a lot of really neat instruments there for you.

I was also considering the Barney "I love you!" song played by an Accordion. It would be... interesting.

Thank you for the review Zajed, i'm glad you liked it!


the sudden change of instrument made this piece interesting, when i try to change something so suddenly i screw it up, i can tell its something to relax and to concentrate
the fire in the backround made this piece really calm, i listened to this like 20 times in a row and it loops almost perfect

i can see this in a video game when the ''hero'' sits next to his friends with a fire and trying to get some rest for the long way home

i am wonderwing what vst you use for the most of your music, sounds like east west orchestra im not sure

the woodwond sounds like an oboe, and the tremolo strings( hope i am right lol) adding a real nice effect to it, i think im hearing a choir behind the tremolostrings

keep up your great work
i really like this piece only one thing

if the campfire would sound more far away dunno how to explain, the fire kinda dominates the track, but its just me so ignore that lol

MaestroRage responds:

You're quite right Zajed, the fire is a tad strong, but thats the way I like it :D! See it's quite foolish for me but I always love to imagine that i'm sitting beside a crackling fire pit when i'm writing things down. It gets me into the mood of writing something wonderful and strange. If only I could write music on paper, I wonder what would flow through my hands then.

There are no tremelo strings, but legato cello chords. The oboe and cello's made an excellent introduction. it was first just the oboe to be honest, with the fire. But I felt that made the beginning and ending far too different, and in loop mode *which you must have noticed*, the difference would have ruined it's ambiance. In order to keep the two relatively connected cello chords were introduced.

The VST I use most is in fact East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold PRO, and Symphonic Choirs, though for this one i'm using an older gem from East West called East West Voices of Passion. It is a discontinued product, and I was very lucky to find it online and purchased it right away. It was quite well priced and it provides some very excellent samples.

There is also a choir behind the cello chords at some segments, good ear, I did not think many would catch them.

Thank you for the review Zajed, coming from you it's a real compliment. I'm glad you liked it!

lets see

this sounds more like he walks through a dark forest without any hope to get out of this forest and he heares strange sounds coming from far away, and fast foot steps

the sitar and the strings added a desert feel,i get the feeling like
the sitar says desert and the twinkle says forest, the flute saying desert but is switching to forest
at 2:50 it sounds like a big scorpion suddenly appears and he tries to run away but then at 3:14 it sounds like hes staying in a forest, and a shadow is moving really fast behind the trees, he turns around but then you see the shadow is behind him, jumping very fast from tree to tree

and the end sounds like the beast/shadow/creature jumping out and kills him

thats what i imagine when i hear this, sorry if i write abit confusing but its always hard for me to explain something in english

keep up your great work i really like your music, i often listen to your music when i dont get ideas

MaestroRage responds:

Coming from you Zajed, to hear you listen to my work for inspiration is a big compliment. Because I often find myself doing the same to your work XD.

Let us both inspire the other, to keep reaching further then!

After reading your analysis I quite agree there is room for multiple visions for the song. One thing says another, and another says something else.

I understood your perfectly, thank you kindly for the review, i'm glad you liked it! I apologize for the late response!


the intro sounds like a japanese movie, but the intro has many emotions it captured my attention, the whole piece sounds just like a uplifting intro

at 1:11 is the point where the song tells me ''im gonna add another emotions''
then the ''hmm'' faded in and made this piece full

this is a very confusing piece of music, because at a few parts it could fit into a videogame, at another part into a movie

and at a few parts you used to much bells and twinkles because it destroyed the whole feeling the song gave me through the listening

overall a nice piece of music, very emotional, i rated only a 7 because the bells destroyed the feeling i got throught the listening, and sometimes it confused me, my english is not good at all to explain everything what i liked and disliked

keep up the great work


bomb shit

this is great man, you got a good flow and good rhymes, i hope to hear more from you
im glad u used my beat

keep it up


StealthSteve responds:

I know this is a year late and all, but your beats are ill and I plan to use more in the future. I just hope I do them justice. :D


i told you this could be so much better lol, do it naoooo
you already know what i think about this, the brass is almost perfect


Greeksta-69 responds:

Yeah like i said not to much effort


we did good on this man,
for the epicness lol, another collab sometime?

was good to work with you man

K-Dm responds:

ya man this is my first collab

n im lucky i got to work wit sum1 as talented as u lol

this definitely turned out better than it would have if i finished it myself



i love your piano melodys, u just know how to use the piano

well like the other guy said piano is overrused, but the most piano thing on ng are crap, and piano is a classical instrument so u cant go wrong with piano if you know how to use it lol

geez lets collab man lol pm me, maybe we can do some epic things


K-Dm responds:

lol thx

next time ill try to get the filtering and 'chopping' right



nice lyrics right here

im really confused about the beef between you guys lol, i have no beef with anyone of you lol
and i didnt understood every word in the track but what i understood was good

the quality is just a bit fucked up
so keep up guys


Broken-Needle responds:

thanks man but u being generous, lmao this track was a jokehowever thanks for the support man really appreciate it,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

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