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all fl sounds eh?
its kinda laid back and dark at the same time dunno
you did a great job for using the fl sounds man


Zodiax responds:

yeah, this is a really old beat, but it turned out alot better than i thought it would, thanks for the review though


this is better then the other bf remix, the drums are great really compleks man lovin it, the drum samples are kinda in the quality of the bftrack, and great choice of the samples
keep it up


Dj-Rec0il responds:

well thank you zajed i appreciate those words thanks for listening


the intro is kinda boring lol, and the twinklething in the backround gets annoying

but thats the only 2 bad things in this, its really laid back, perfect for realxing on the beach, watching girls in bikinis lol
you could have done more with the trumpet, the drums are straight good rythm
the organ or whatever this is that kicks in is kinda weird
but you still learnin, like i do lol
if you need help man just pm me


phosphorusprocedure responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

well im not really into trance

but the piano is nice, and overall for your 2nd trance, it is good,
i cant give good advice or anything, but i can tell you doin good on trance

keep it up

Greeksta-69 responds:

Hey thanks man i appreciate that you enjoyed some part of it lol oh yeah and and thanks for the 10/10 XD



nice track, the intro is great, i didnt knew it is possible to make a good track with fl sounds, but you showed me that it is possible

i cant say much, because i have no idea what sounds u used lol
the melody is sweet, good combination with the other sounds in there

keep it up

Greeksta-69 responds:

Yeah me either, but i set out to prove my point that fl has some bomb sounds if you know how to use them, thanks for the review man much appreciation.



ey meastro, thats a great song

every instrument in this piece is so good mixed together,
i dont know what to say, i love your work
the uplifting feel in this dunno how to explain, its step by step every part has his own feeling

the backround violin fits perfect for the rest
and how you mixed the strings with flute is genius, i think its one of your best, i always listend to your music, but im kina lazy to review

my only advice is the intro, with the twinkle or whatever it is, the first notes are okay, but the first notes after the little break, didnt fitted really ni there

overall great track

i have to say sorry for my bad english

MaestroRage responds:

Thats okay Zajed. I am glad you listen to these works, it makes me happy to know you enjoy them :)!

It's strange, many people don't seem to like the flute and strings part, but I personally kinda like them. So they will stay!

The intro WAS a little weak in my opinion, but I didn't know who else to start the piece, so I did it like that. Maybe I should have some low strings with the celesta bells?

In any case, thank you kindly for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

ha you did it again

prefect track to leave ng, touch of epic in it, great melody how you switched from the intro to the mainmelody was great, it has a really uplifting feel
you know what you doing, keep doing ur thing man good luck man
i learned alot from you

Greeksta-69 responds:

yeah thanks man i appreciate it you already know, we nee dto do this collab man i cant leave ng for sure untill me and you release the final collab, anyways its been an honer working with you and your crazy ideas lol seriously i know were both gonna mke it big mabey in the future well find eachother again and produce side by side.

Much love
Greeksta aka Virtue


i see you just started making music,
ignore the fuckin haters if your friends like the music thats all that matters man, make music fo yourself and friends not for rating n reviews anyway

hmm you should make the drums mor deverse, hard to explain on a review lol

well everyone sucks at the beginning of music, that doenst mean this sux, il see you took your time for your first steps, makin a melody n stuff thats good, dont rush your beats man, take yuor time to master it

its nice to see other artists ng they just started makin music

good luck man, keep it up
i hope i hear more from you

sorry for my bad english


fuckin crazy

this shit is fuckin crazy, dont know what you imagined but this is hot man
you made good use of the melody
the gunshots are a bit overused
the kick is hard like the whole track, good choice with that snare and that synth

keep up the good work man

god damn

this is so good
all 10's man i never heard anything ilke this before
and zajed this guy is awesome where i lives i want to marry him

lmao jk we did really good on this, hands off haters ..!.ò.ó.!..

Greeksta-69 responds:

EVERYONE SHOULD DOWNLOAD AND 5 IT, i cant even believe we made this it is so good good man thanks for all your help, no one can stop us!

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