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god damn

this is so good
all 10's man i never heard anything ilke this before
and zajed this guy is awesome where i lives i want to marry him

lmao jk we did really good on this, hands off haters ..!.ò.ó.!..

Greeksta-69 responds:

EVERYONE SHOULD DOWNLOAD AND 5 IT, i cant even believe we made this it is so good good man thanks for all your help, no one can stop us!


the piano is awesome

im glad that you spreadin the word too

i imagine london or something filmed on square garden, the whole day is filmed and just speeded up lol

i hope u understand what i mean

great track

voted 5 and dl´d it

keep it up

K-Dm responds:

thx man, comin from sum1 as talented as u it means alot.

n dun wry i think i get what u mean lol.

thx for the review.



great beat, great lyrics

i know what you wanna say, i heared about it, but the human race is too lazy to save the earth

everyone should give the earth something back

we all take and take and take and take
but no one wants to give, i uploaded a beat i made the whole day and night,
its just a little piece but i tried to give something back

and we all should do it

next time if u all use ur cell phone think about what BN said,
think about what happens if we do nothing
just try to help a little

recycling, cars, etc.
try to help

great Track BN
awesome beat Orkestrator, i forgot name of the original track lol


keep doin your thing
i hope u understand my sucky english


Broken-Needle responds:

Thanks man, realy apreciate da support, don't worry I understood everything you said, once again man thanks for the support, I would apreciate it alot if you spread the word. Anyway man thanks for the perfect scores, the 5, the support and review,
Save the bees
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


yeah BN good to bounce

i dunno but your voice sounded like over a radio
its good thing, i hope you know what i mean i like it

you gettin better man

only thing play abit more with your voice dude, emotions dont go a line, push your emotions through your rap man

but thats isnt a real problem because you gettin better, a few more beats and i drop a review without suggestions to do something better you will see

keep it up man

btw this is one of orks best beats

Broken-Needle responds:

yeah orchestrator always got some good beats(this beat is by orchestrator AKA ragekid, for those of you who are reading this) Now i kno wut u mean by emotion, but once again it's the mike, it kills the feel, I need a new one again, lol. O and I know what u mean by the radio thing, thanks man. Anyway thanks for the constructive review, the 5 and good scores,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


i didnt knew you submited it lol

anyway we both can make a bomb beat outta this,
just send me the flp if you changed something

im sending you some drums, and instruments so its easier to kill this man

graveyard1 responds:

kwl man lets work on it goodtime to get the beat goin


man this shit sounds really crazy man, the drums are sweet i like them lol

i whould like to collab with you, this shit is really crazy man

keep it up, i use FL 6 too so it wont be a problem. let me know when you interested

and ignore my sucky english

peace out


man you really gettin better and better,

like ragekid said you won before the war started

Humper003 you got PWND

i submited a battle beat against humper too lol
i dont know why but i submited a beat nvm

hot shit lyrics are hard for me too understand, but that what i understood is great

keep it up man, you need alotmore publicity on NG

Broken-Needle responds:

ty bro, ima check ya shit out soon as im dun respondin' don worry next 1 wont be a 1 take thing so keep a lookout, thanks for ya review an perfect scores,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


its a bit short, you could have used another piano that whould sound better

overall the melody is pretty nice, the drums are fine, everything was cool

but make it longer and more deverse this could be a really bomb beat

i have to excuse my bad english i hope you understand everything

keep it up


pretty good

for your first track man
i can hear that you usin the piano right( i hope you know what i mean) all you need is a better ear for the notes, nope you dont have to learn the notes lol

just hear and you will see,but thats not a real probl because you get better and better

sorry for my bad english keep it up

5d it
because i liked it, it has some sirious potential

and fo the reviews more people gonna hear it with high rating

keep it up i hope to hear more from you

Dice-Train-808 responds:



i love the piano, but you could have used another piano, anyway sounds great

the military snare flowing well with the whole beat

the high sound i dont know what it is but its great lol

about the ending its a bit abrupt, thats the only bad thing

excuse my bad english

overall you did a great job it deservers a 5

keep it up

DjTeChniQue responds:

Sorry about the ending .. like my comment says this is only a sample !!

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