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man u always amaze me with ur talent man

may the best man win


im so sad im gonna cut myself,wryyy it hurts lol

you didnt even told me that yuo uploaded it lol, fun to work withyou as usual

next collac? k thanks

K-Dm responds:

lol ya i did

its even in my msn msg history haha

06/05/2008 7:17:46 PM [K-Dm] [Kyle Martin Manoza] Zajed http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/142133

06/05/2008 7:17:52 PM [K-Dm] [Kyle Martin Manoza] Zajed
maybe i screwed it up i dunno lol

neways ya fun workin wit u too

lets make something more epic next time lol


ignore the haters

i hear the potential man, the beat is cool
just work on your flow and on your timing, thats all you need man

it sounds like your mouth is really near at the mic, just try to hold a distance between your mouth and the mic

good work, keep it up, keep trying, work on yourself and ignore those people who dont review helpful


OBIEakaAO responds:

this is quite the old song, the mic i used was a usb mic and whenever i used it, it sounded terrible. but i have a new one now, check out my other songs, my brother and epic gangsta are the newest! thanks for the review!

nothing new

you already know how to drop some hits

im just here to bomb a 0 on this one, because you didnt want to call it sealclubbing studios

damn you geeksta, geeksta the geeky producer lmao

5/5 keep it up


Greeksta-69 responds:

Ur gay.

G"r"eeksta LOL

Jk Thanks bro.

woot woot nice beat you got there

but im rating honest since i try to help people

real catchy melody uplifting, bombastic great job on the melody
it is repititive but thats because it is hiphop so if anyone has problems with it then he shouldnt listen to the beats in the hip hop section

now for the negativ
the brass is kinda muffled and falls back(dunno how it sounds with lyrics maybe it wont be a problem with lyrics, so just dont get this point in the wrong direction)
the drums are the weakpoint on this trackt, doesnt fit the bombastic sound maybe a decent clap would be better or a crushy snare
the hats needin some more rythm too, the kick is good i dont see any problems with the kick

and to set things clear, im not a hater(some people would think now that im hatin bluargh) il just try to give some critic

overall a killerbeat just with some little weakpoints

keep it up, and fuggin release a new track with lyrics, i like your songs man

legaceymusic responds:

thanks you im glad you like my beats im trying very hard to make original stuff all the time. i dont make the best beats in the world but i try and thank for listning.


i can see you tried something new, the drums are really great
the kick is good fits the whole track perfectly,

piano... duh good as usual lol

the guitar is a nice addition to it, but i think the sound of it is kinda too rude or something too distorted but still good idea

5d it keep firing your lazer

K-Dm responds:

ya ive really been workin on improvin my drums lately
good to know theyre starting to sound good

as for the guitar... i think thats like the only electric guitar soundfont that i have haha

neways thx for the 5



the piano is to high EQed, kinda hurting my ears over the headphones, the deep horns/brass filling the backround really good but you should makea bass boost over them the pump it a bit up and add deep piano notes to counter the deep horns

the drums were cool but the hats soundin a tad random kinda confusing when i listening to it

overall pretty good for one of your first, keep it up



nice synths you used there man, good combinations dunno whatelse to say

good job keep it up

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thnx. Worth the big wait? :D

drumline is hell nice

the melody could need somethingdunno what something for the backround i dunno

the drumline is really really nice, i cant remember that there are any samples like that in reason lol

keep it up

flashmac responds:

Thanks man, distortion FTW! haha


you did a really good job on this man, im glad you fixed the strings and made them more dramatic, and the horns are really nicely done

i really like this track man, fav'd 5'd and dl'd, you are very talented i can hear the potential you have, keep it up dude

do you mind if you can send me the file lol so i can remix it?

keep it up


flashmac responds:

Thanks dude. You really want to remix this? haha, I'll send you the file later today when I get back from school.

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