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you did a really good job on this man, im glad you fixed the strings and made them more dramatic, and the horns are really nicely done

i really like this track man, fav'd 5'd and dl'd, you are very talented i can hear the potential you have, keep it up dude

do you mind if you can send me the file lol so i can remix it?

keep it up


flashmac responds:

Thanks dude. You really want to remix this? haha, I'll send you the file later today when I get back from school.


so emotional i love it, the piano pushes the feeling of the song really good

keep it up

5d and downloaded jajajajaja lol


K-Dm responds:


thx for the review, the 5 and the download



wrryyy didnt you told me that you started makin music lmao, is this the 808 drum kit? sounds like u sued some 808 things

anyway nice track i dont know much about cakewalk but i heared it isnt really good, is this one of your first trys? if yes it sounsds pretty cool

keep itu p


and letm e push this thing alittle up so you get more listeneres 5/5

lucid08 responds:

:x sorry lol, but yes this is my first beat, and if u listen to the others u can tell that the audio quality isn't that great...I have to tweak everything for hours just to make it sound decent, the basic sounds are worse than midi. And as for the drum kit, mine's just labeled "hip-hop" LOL. So yeah...anyways keep your shit up I was just running through some ur stuff and 5'ing my favs :P Keep it up. And from now on I'll let u know when I put some more shit up. thanks for the review =]


i dont have to tell you that you have a amazin flow and the right voice, reminds me of dmx

but the beat is kinda crappy to confusing and too randomly, dunno how to explain but its just me lol

anyway nice track keep it up 5/5


legaceymusic responds:

Thanks for your support and lov. i will do my pest to keep the sound coming and different.



klingt als ob du deine stimme verstellst, hört sich zu künstlich an, die rhymes sind ganz ok

das klavier klingt viel zu viel gefiltert, drums passen ganz gut, der 2e rapper hat ein paar timing probleme

ich lass es mal ab hier so stehen

alls in allem, besser als so einiges andere das ich schon gehört hab



the quality is fucked up but the flow is good lol nice rhymes n stuff

you know that im neutral but seriously that proofs that Dj Ses or R.M.P members or both
bombing you 0, thats pathetic, i dont have beef with em they doin there thing and im doin my thing

but seriously this is pathetic, 0 bomb for no reason

Lejin responds:

The quality from K.O. Radio is always like that i know. But the song itself had the real quality. X-Kaliba is the hardest gangsta rappa and these little keyboard gangstas is trying to be like us XD

one of your best

thats really one of your best tracks, i like the strings(sounds like a cello)
and the flute adding a nice effect
keep it up

let me remake this thing lol


K-Dm responds:


and u did an awesome job on the remake


very nice

you did a really good job,
on the drums and on the piano, has a really pushing feel to me, all you need to change is the clap because the clap sounds kinda weird lol

good work
keep it up, another collab sometime?


K-Dm responds:

haha damnit i must be deaf when it comes to findin the right snares/claps...

but ya im all for another collab i look forward to it



the intro is calm and slowly building up, but you should have used different strings for it, the drums great as always, pushing the emotion of this piece forward

the bells in the middlepart sounding a bit weird, there is a little cutoff in the bells, or maybe i just hear wrong

i wonder what instrument you used at 2:30 sounds like a pan flute

the vocals sounds like the spartans lol

overall great job maestro, even when it is an older file you surprising me with such a good song

i still dont have the east west orchestra to make you competition lol

MaestroRage responds:

Hello Zajed!

Cut off at bells eh? Very sharp ears you have there. I did in fact just cut them off but I was so sure nobody would catch on as there is other stuff going on in the background to cover up that spurt of lazyness! Well caught indeed.

The time this was made I did not have the variety of strings that I have now. I agree that there are some modifications to the strings that I would have liked to make but they're decent enough. At 2:30 I used something called the Erhu Violin. It's an oriental instrument and one of my all time favorites right beside the Dizi flute :D!

Does the vocals sound like 300 spartans?! Because that would be sweet >:}

When you do get EW, i'm going to have to watch my back eh ;)?!

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!


that sounds pretty unigue, i can hear this in some kind of a forestvillage in a videogame
i must say that this isnt my type of music, but when i imagine a village in a forest to it it sound pretty good

keep workin on yourself


alternativesolution responds:

really? in a videogame?
cool :P
i guess that forest thing makes sense..i don't even kno what i pictured o_o
haha i make ALL types of music--most of them are incomplete. i do this kind, funky beats, orchestral, blah blah blah.. :D mostly each of my songs sound really different, like that orange juice one i have--it sounds dumb after u listen to it for a while XD
anyway, thanks for the review! :D

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