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nice lyrics right here

im really confused about the beef between you guys lol, i have no beef with anyone of you lol
and i didnt understood every word in the track but what i understood was good

the quality is just a bit fucked up
so keep up guys


Broken-Needle responds:

thanks man but u being generous, lmao this track was a jokehowever thanks for the support man really appreciate it,
Keep it pimpin'
BN out


i love it man
nothing much to say, great track

5/5 10/10

and i agree with trancent
xkal hast to much to say in the track lol



yo man, got thisb eat gota good feeling, simple and good man, at some parts i missed something, but that isnt problem if someone would rap to it,

would like to hear this with lyrics man

great job


Greeksta-69 responds:

Yeah man BASSSSSSSS lol anyways thanks alot man i think im gona start rapping soon so be ready lol.



the flute/clasrinet or whatever this is, is really good in this one , the strings in the backround adding a nice emotional feeling to it sometimes uplifting sometimes straight dunno how to explain

in every piece of yours i can imagine a story to it, and thats all about the classical music, that you can put emotion, feelings, story into one piece(thats my opinion)

the fact that i voted a 8 is, it was a little confusing sometimes and the woman choir was kinda weird because it was just a ''la'' and thats all

it would have been better if you wouldnt have used the ''la'' and the voice sounding really familiar to me, sounds like the russian remale opera singer, i forgot the name

overall a really nice classical piece good job meastro

and i would be honored if you check out my classical loop, i really would like to read a honest review

MaestroRage responds:

I wish I had a woman choir that wasn't "la" :(. The only Opera soundfont I have is that of Irene, and she only has "La". I look nearly every day for a good opera like soundfont/vst, but I turn up empty every time. And you're right, the opera singer is Russian. Irene... something. I forget her last name.

I am sorry I havn't checked out your work yet Zajed, I will drop by very soon, I swear. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! I apologize for the late response!

brass power

crazy whistle here man, alot of brass, you already know that i love this,
ye we made great beats and we had a good time

may ou steppin up without producers block

thanks for anthem man
5 and of course a dl

Greeksta-69 responds:

Just made it for you man cant say much else you already know everything.



you and your piano lol, you always come up with smoe great piano melodies
got a real goodbye feeling, and like greeksta said just a different snare thats all


keep it up


K-Dm responds:

the piano is epic lol

thx for the review.



yeah you havent uploaded such a beat a long time, nice to hear that you still doin laid back tracks
like it, love it, 5d it


Greeksta-69 responds:

Thanks bro i appreciate it :D



im not really into techno, but i liked it
happy hour ^,.^lol

good job guys
congrats on the weekly number 1


sounds like the start of a movie, did you ever seen the movie*Be Cool* dunno could imagine this to it

sounds really relaxed, easy to spit on, drumline is simple but thats no surprise its hiphop
it has a abrupt ending, you should let the track fade out, anyway good beat i like it
keep it up



you and your flute lol, dunno what to say i love it, the dok dok is a lil cookie you know what i mean dunno what instrument u used sounds like a pizzicato
im coming back saturday with new ideas so we can collab
great beat man i love it
keep it up


Greeksta-69 responds:

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH Yeee i cant wait man we gonna do some big things i got my inspiration back and im getting my laptop sometime this week so i can just sit my ass somewheres and make music all day lol, thanks for the review bro i appreciate it man.


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