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i can really see this in an anime

credits rolling and you see a silhouette of someone constantly walking towards you with sun in background LOL

damn i have to make one too
im gonna make the opening to that nonexisting anime

K-Dm responds:

LOLOL make one



yickedy doodledoo weydeehey

i dont like the sound of the brass that much, i shouldnt complain because the brass fits really good

drums are simple and not too dominating so points on that for you

bells are amazing i wished you would have used them more

the strings are perfect not too dominating they are just there and pushing the feeling so good workon the strings

btw we have so many unfinished collabs lol what the heck

keep it up

Greeksta-69 responds:


I promise you we will get a collab together again
I'm gonna work on what you sent me right now actually and lets make a hit bro.

Much love and thanks for the great review.

actually it works pretty good for that what it is

a little loop to set up the emotion, i cant see this in a movie but that might be just my imagination right now

but i really can see this in a videogame
the melodies are well mixed together and flowing really great without losing any of the emotion

the only thing i missed was a little synth bass for the background, just some quiet little "hits" with abit of velocity variation, i guess that would make it perfect
but overall its a really great piece of music

5/5 of course

DavidOrr responds:

It's tough to create an atmospheric track that's at the same time interesting to listen to. Finding a balance between melodies and "atmosphere" is an interesting challenge. Great suggestion about the synth bass in the background, that'll probably be added into the final version!

Thanks for the review!


the guitar sounds so mainstream lol anyway i like the guitar

strings are good as always

drums i dunno the clap is a bit overused, shakers are really nice but the clap i dunno

fukken 10

K-Dm responds:

my bad if i went mainstream with the guitar n drums haha
but i think its ok once in a while lol =P

i did still try to keep it k-dm with my strings and piano tho

neways thx for the fukken 10


oh interesting

just seen that you uploaded a song right after me lol and i coudlnt resist to take a listen

this piece is pretty interesting, the melodies are very very well played, but for me it needs more power, the guitar is great the strings are nice

but i guess it just needs something powerfull for the background, and the drums are kinda i dunno, maybe stronger french horns? or some flutter trombones to kick every section a bit, i dunno it just needs something

overall nice, but ya you know what it needs for me lol


that fits my mood perfectly so i guess il should jump on this one first and then on life story
i know that you can make this better so go on naoghw do it naoghw

anyway great track man, keep it up


K-Dm responds:

lol id love to here what u can do with this track man

and ya i just finished it now so u can remix it whenever



ok im neutral as always and im review this on my personal taste and on the productions site

Good Thing:
-The Drums coming hard and the kick really fits the mood dont know why everyone is complaining about the kick, the Clap could be a bit crushier
the hats aren ot really hard, kinda soft but they fitting to the drums pretty good, they could be a little louder

-Sample or not, you used the sample pretty well, you filled the backround pretty good, and you used a pretty good synth that fits to the violin, with a simple but interesting melody

-Effects and Voices, the choice of the vocals are really good, and you used them at the right places, the effexts were overall great

Bad Things:
-The Gun effect sounded kinda ''cheap'' dont know, you could have thrown a heavy reverb on it maybe that would have make it better

-Sample, its a cool sample and you used it pretty good like i said, but its not really original, i dontk now but you should try a Decent Fast Dist on it, or Overdrive that could make the sample harder

-The Part at 49 seconds sounds pretty ''lonely'' when the sample stops, you could chop the sample and use it as string hits to fill it a bit more

overall really good track
you sampled andt you made it original

you are the winner of this round(i dont know if there is a round 2 lol), this beat is better for a battle beat then g-styles beat

i like your beat overall better, it fits more my style and my type of music
keep it up


ne 8 wegen dem sample und weil die drums etwas härter hätten sein können
darum keine 10, aber irgendwo gibts immer was zu meckern :P

AeraDynamic responds:

Yap Clap was kinda Problem :/ HiHats vol was lowerded cause I didn't want the to make the Beat sound static. Just some noticable, structured Hats, nothing more. Yeah yeah I know (dammit sample)... I just like it too much XD I need to learn some new techniques for editing samples, repeat that beat quick, slice it up, cut that sample down, experiment - I wanted to have a more less dramatic part so I left it out twice. The reload was sliced up and seperated on two different steps to play it as kinda buildup for the epic hit / kickdrum spot,

Thanks for being constructive and voting real :D

woot woot

il guess il jump on it, and make my own remake if you send me the file
so i can remake it

good work tough

keep it up

K-Dm responds:


ill definitely look forward to it

i wanted to do some hardcore overlays myself... but u alrdy know how my laptop is lol

im sure if u get ur hands on this ull take it to a whole new lvl of epic like u always do haha


thanks for stealing

thanks for stealing from vtz, just look at the soundclick page from vtz


i only could make it good because this whole thing was already amazing
check out our first collab and now this, we got better lol

anyways keep up your amazing work man


K-Dm responds:

lol thx man

but for real my original layout for this song was pretty basic

and ur magic turned it so pro

always a pleasure working with u man


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